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Hi everyone,

My name is Martha Yan. I am from China, Beijing and immigrated to Canada in July, 2013. Becoming a teacher is one of the dreams I had in my young age and I was lucky enough to have this dream come true. Before quitting my job and moving here, I had been teaching English as a foreign language for more than 20 years. My students included middle school teachers of English, pre-school children and college students. The last job I held was working as an instructor of English in China Foreign Affairs University, which is under the Foreign Ministry. That is why I had got a chance to work as a diplomat in Slovakia for two years from 2005 to 2007, a wonderful experience for me. After that I came back to the university quite happily and spent enjoyable time with my students. The courses I was mainly responsible for were English Intensive Reading, English Listening Comprehension and Translation. In 2013 summer I realized another dream of mine. Together with my son, I moved to Surrey, BC, the most beautiful I have ever seen. As education is always my love, besides taking care of my son, I began to take the Provincial Instructor Diploma program in November of 2013 and hope some day in the near future I could resume my beloved work and make my contribution to the education cause in Canada. Now with some volunteering experiences both in office work and tutoring, I have got a part-time job working as a support worker in a preschool and will soon begin my volunteering following a secondary school teacher. Busy as I am, I really enjoy my life as it is!


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