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The puzzle of motivation

on February 26, 2015

As we all know, motivation plays a very important role in our learning or working, and many of us may know intrinsic motivation plays a decisive role while extrinsic motivation plays a critical role in some circumstances. But in actual reality it is the incentives, i.e. extrinsic motivation, that we resort to most in promoting learning or productivity probably because providing incentives or extrinsic motivation is the easiest or most convenient way of getting things done immediately without considering the long-term interests or benefits. However, in the long run providing incentives or extrinsic motivation can lead to harmful effects or do harms to long-term productivity. Though it is already proved by researches and studies, it is hard to believe, what Dan Pink called “the puzzle of motivation” in his 2009 TedTalk. I’d like to recommend this video to all educators. You will find it interesting and informative.

Dan Pink: The puzzle of motivation


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